Dusting off outdated patternsThe cover of Nature Index 2017 Japan
Nature Index – March 22, 2017
Japan’s government wants to make the country more “innovation friendly” and it’s urging universities to help by undertaking major reforms. But experts say key changes are also needed outside of higher education.


Zaw Min Htut, a Rohingya refugee and human right campaigner, at one of the recycling yards he owns north of Tokyo.Is Japan leaving the Rohingya out in the cold?
The Japan Times – Oct. 16, 2016
As violence flares up again around the world’s largest group of stateless people in Myanmar, a Rohingya refugee near Tokyo is pressing Japanese decision-makers to come to the aid of his people.



Patrons pose for a picture with Brown, a popular character on Line's mobile app, in Harajuku.

Messaging app wars take new turn with Line IPO
Al Jazeera – July 14, 2016
Line Corp’s billion-dollar listing is likely to be the biggest tech IPO of the year. But will that be enough to help the tech company fend off rivals like Facebook in Asia and beyond?



Edward Snowden speaks via video linkup at a conference on government surveillance in Tokyo.Top court green-lights surveillance of Japan’s Muslims
Al Jazeera – June 29, 2016
The Supreme Court dismissed a lawsuit challenging profiling and surveillance of Japan’s entire Islamic population, six years after a leak of police data shed light on the controversial practices.



The Kodomoroid android sits behind a barrier at the Tokyo science museum.Growing chorus of experts is raising ethical questions about the future of robotics
The Japan Times – Feb. 20, 2016
The central government hopes that building on Japan’s track record in robotics will help cope with a demographic crisis and fix the economy. It’s a tantalizing promise, but one littered with moral pitfalls.



Security personnel guard waters in Henoko Bay, Okinawa, home to Camp Schwab, a US Marines base that's being vastly expanded as part of the US "pivot" to Asia.This island is the centre of increasing tensions between China, Japan and the U.S.
Vice – Feb. 11, 2016
Okinawa is best known as a spellbinding vacation spot full of white sand beaches and aquamarine seas. It has also become a focal point for worsening geopolitical tensions in East Asia.



Matsumoto Saotome, who survived the Great Tokyo Air Raid at the age of 12, at the museum he runs in the Japanese capital.Victims seek redress for ‘unparalleled massacre’ of Tokyo air raid
The Japan Times – March 11, 2015
It was among the deadliest wartime events in history, killing an estimated 100,000 people in a single night. So why has the Great Tokyo Air Raid never been properly memorialized?



Syria’s civil war spawns deadly barrel bombs, other DIY weaponsSyrians gather around an unexploded barrel bomb that the Associated Press says was dropped from a Syrian forces helicopter, in Aleppo. (Aleppo Media Center)
CBC News – Dec. 21, 2013
Opposition fighters have become known for building their own improvised grenades, catapults and rocket launchers, among other things. But government forces are turning to increasingly deadly do-it-yourself weapons, too.


Cannabis Day Canada Day flag. (WikiMedia/GoToVan)Medical marijuana spinoff firms look to cash in on new rules
CBC News – Oct. 30, 2013
A range of spinoff companies, many of them from the United States, are angling to cash in on the Canadian medical marijuana market as the federal government brings in new rules for the industry.


Meet the Canadian challenging America’s drone warJameel Jaffer
CBC News – April 5, 2013
Since joining the American Civil Liberties Union more than a decade ago, Ontario native Jameel Jaffer has emerged as a formidable critic of U.S. national security policies.

Nuclear evacuee Mikio Endo, 80, at his rented home in Iwaki, Fukushima, in March 2012.Japan nuclear evacuees face uncertainty 1 year later

CBC News – March 9, 2012

As people in Japan prepare to mark the first anniversary of the 2011 triple disaster, nuclear evacuees in a city near the ruined Fukushima Daiichi plant wonder how long they’ll have to wait to move on with their lives.